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Taking My Stories Out of Kindle Unlimited

Good morning, after some research and thought into the future of my business, I decided to remove my stories from Kindle Unlimited. I want to submit my stories to multiple distributors, and I can't do that if they're enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I'm hoping to start submitting to Nook (Barnes & Noble) and Excitica (once… Continue reading Taking My Stories Out of Kindle Unlimited

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Longer Erotica in the Future?

So I've been looking over my publishing plan and schedule, and my main goal this year is hit the "Dirty Thirty" aka publish thirty books. But what are my goals afterwards? I know I want to eventually write longer and more novel-length erotica stories, but I'm not sure when I want to implement that. I… Continue reading Longer Erotica in the Future?


“This Is New For Me” is free until Jan 6!

My lesbian erotica, This Is New For Me, is free until January 6! This Is New For Me Summary: Ariella was a good friend of mine who also happened to be the world’s worst designated driver.  One night we were out celebrating a friend’s birthday, and I ended up having to drive her home because… Continue reading “This Is New For Me” is free until Jan 6!