Come read my latest erotic short story!


Imagine an inexperienced but not innocent young woman who’s about to take her boyfriend’s virginity with the help of his father…

Well, in A Helping Hand, Katie is a barely legal woman about to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time.  But he turns out to be a little clueless and overeager, and then his father walks in on them before they get to the good stuff.  He sees his son’s mistakes and advises him on how to best please his woman.

Katie becomes torn between her love for her boyfriend and the pleasure his father evokes in her.  She can’t refuse this older mature man who has experience that outshines his son’s in every way.

Will she remain faithful to her boyfriend or will she let desire rule her mind?  But wait…you’re forgetting the most important question of all: Who took Katie’s innocence?  Find out in:

A Helping Hand

Helping Hand Cover

This erotic short story is 7,000 words and is available in the Kindle store for $2.99 or for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited.

If you like it, be sure to leave a review.   It’s the equivalent of gifting me a basket full of kittens 🙂



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