Get my new erotic short story for 99 cents until 8/4/17!

Happy Thursday!

Today, my erotic short story, A Guest in Their Bed, just went live!

Guest in Their Bed Cover


Tiffany is young and innocent when she meets the woman of her dreams at a gay bar.  Then the woman, Lisa, introduces Tiffany to her husband, Carver, who’s fine with the whole arrangement.

Against her instincts, she goes home with them on the condition that Carver can only watch.  But in the heat of the moment, lines blur, and Tiffany starts wanting something she never expected.  There were rules, and she was a guest, but pleasure has a way of changing the minds of those involved.

What happens when a party of two suddenly involves another?  In any combination, it should make for a delightful and enjoyable encounter for the questioning Tiffany, and a twist in the end that no one could expect.

Get it here for 99 cents until 8/4/17!

Or you can get it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


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