New Short Story Available for Pre-Order!

Happy Sunday!  I have a new erotic short story, and I really liked writing this one!

It’s available for Pre-Order now, but it will go live on Wednesday, August 9th!

Quite the Release Cover

In Quite the Release, Rina shares a bedroom with her college roommate, Heather.  They have a courtesy rule that prohibits one of them from having sex if the other is in the room.

Well, tonight, Heather breaks that rule when she convinces her boyfriend, Kevin, to fuck her even though Rina is asleep in the same room.  Only thing is, Rina is not asleep.  She can hear every carnal sound emitted from the other two, and her own dry spell makes her get all hot and bothered by what she hears.  Rina is so turned on that she gets herself off, not caring if the other two can hear her.

The next day, Kevin joins Rina in the shower, and he takes her hard and leaves a creamy surprise for her.  He forbids her from touching herself, but Heather is very eager to learn all about Rina and Kevin’s shower exploits.  He walks in on them pleasuring each other and punishes the both of them…but the punishment is just as enjoyable 😉

Pre-Order it now or buy it on August 9th for $2.99 on Kindle!

It will also be available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


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