100k Word Challenge: Day 10

Words written:  3,518

Thoughts:  I am still sick, and I feel miserable.  My new fantasy erotic novella is fun to write, so that helped.  I have a sore throat and a sore back, and I’m not sure I have much to say today.   I need food, water, rest, and the ability to take a break when I’m sick enough that my legs and thighs shake when I want.

Also, I’ve been reworking my publishing dates for the fantasy novella series, and I want a specific order to draw readers in.  I’m still fiddling with it, but let’s just say I may be currently writing the first in the series even though it’s the third story in the series that I’ve written so far.

Am I making sense to you?  I don’t know.  I’m exhausted and in pain, and I’m waiting for my normal meds to wear off so I can take my flu meds without any interactions.  Tis the life of an author who has a client-contact full-time day job.  We get sick often.  Very often.  This is my fourth bout with the flu in a year.

Good night all, I’m tired.

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂


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