100k Word Challenge: Day 12

Words written:  10,107

Thoughts:  So my two main characters started kissing and fooling around sooner than the characters in the previous novellas in the series.  It just happened, and I really like how it came to be.  I might edit the first two novellas to write more sex scenes because this was fun.  The only problem I have is the insta-love thing, but thankfully the characters are soulmates so that’s a good enough explanation.

I may have to lengthen my stories to make the romance feel genuine because my word count limits how much they can do.  Having two characters have sex instantly, I have no problem with.  Insta-love, however, I have a big problem with.  It never feels genuine to me unless it’s done right, like how I sometimes make insta-friends with my sorority sisters.

I don’t know.  I’ll have to fiddle with it.  I’ll ask some people for advice and do some market research.


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