100k Word Challenge: Day 20

Words written:  276

Thoughts:  Writing came pretty easy to me today.  I only wrote for a couple of minutes, and I would have continued if I didn’t need to start getting ready for bed.  As I expected, I didn’t write much today.  I spent half the day sitting around because I had very little energy, and the other half was spent doing chores.

I did laundry today, but I didn’t have enough leftover energy to straighten my hair.  So I chose a simpler style and braided it so it would look curly/wavy tomorrow.  I also made ramen for breakfast and ordered pizza, wings, and cinnamon bread twists for dinner.

I just realized that I should probably talk about the novella I’m still working on.  My two characters had a cute intimate moment where they were just hanging out.  It wasn’t sexual, but it cutesy romantic type stuff, and I was internally saying “awwww” as I was writing it.  Anyway, I’m headed off to bed.  I’m going to try getting eight hours of sleep, which means I need to go to bed by 9:30pm.  It’s probably going to be closer to 10pm since I have to put my bedding back on and prepare my outfit for the next day.  Good night!

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂


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