Burnout x Flu Recovery x PMS

As you’ve probably noticed from my blog posts for the past two weeks, my physical health is not in the best shape.  Two weeks ago, I caught the flu, only to recover right in time for PMS.  Want to know which one was worse?  I was still able to write thousands of words most days during the flu, but with PMS I wrote in the hundreds most days.

I’ve also been writing everyday since July 4th, and using my free time for research and planning.  Doing this nonstop in combination with my full-time stressful job led to my inevitable sickness.  Today I told my friend that I hadn’t listened to her mom or my dad who had warned me about working too hard, and I ended up burning myself out.  My friend reminded me that I was supposed to take it easy after the flu because my immune system still wasn’t back to 100%.

I did not know that, so here I am sitting at my laptop at 1:20pm in the afternoon having done pretty much nothing since I woke up at 8am.  I have a few chores to do today (straighten my hair and do laundry), and I have not started on either.  I hope I’m able to get at least 1,000 words done, but I’m not holding my breath.  My body is letting me know that I need to take a break, and I’m going to do that.  I don’t have much energy today, but I do need to get those two chores done at the least.

I feel guilty for not being as productive, but there is nothing I can about my productivity at the moment.  My head hurts from staring at the computer screen too long, and my brain gets fuzzy if I write for too long.  I’ll just have to rework my schedule again to account for this downtime, and I’ll work on some story outlines as well today.

I have to go now because my head is already starting to hurt from typing this.

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂



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  1. Hi Dana, hope you feel better soon. And thanks for finding the strength to share you wonderful words with us, in spite of your trials. 🙂


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