100k Word Challenge: Day 21

Words written:  261

Thoughts:  Another lazy day, but I’m slowly coming to terms with not being as productive.  My health is top priority, so I need to make sure I’m well before I go back to 5k-10k word count days.  I would rather not get the flu again.  The flu is not fun.  Neither are my hormonal issues, but I guess it was time for my body to take a break.  I might not have great word counts this week since I barely got through my work day today and was contemplating going home early.

As for my novella, I just slightly extended the cutesy scene.  There was originally supposed to be a sex scene there, but when I got to writing yesterday, I didn’t have the energy to write a sex scene.

Also, I will try to get my next erotica story out on Wednesday, but at this rate, no promises.  I know I said I wouldn’t delay again, but when I said that I wasn’t dealing with the flu, followed by awful PMS (probably qualifies as PMDD now), and then followed by shark week.  If I can’t get it out this week, then two erotica stories will go up next week.

As for now, I’m exhausted, so I’m going to have some tea and then head to bed.  Good night all!

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂


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