100k Word Challenge: Days 24 and 25

Words written Day 24:  1,621

Words written Day 25:  2,975

Thoughts:  Still writing more fanfic, and it’s so much fun.  I get to go back to my roots (remind me to tell you the story of how I got into fiction writing) and just write for the fun of it.  I need to remember to do this more often.

So the new fandom I just joined now has three fanfics from me.  One multi-chapter story, and two one-shots.  I’ve gotten a few more prompts  from my readers, so I’m excited about those.

I plan on going back to my novella on Sunday.  Tomorrow (Saturday), I’ll be running some errands then hanging out with family.  I’m not too sure where I want to go with the story, but I may have to shorten it so I don’t drag it out for too long.  I might shorten the other ones too, but they’ll be at least 20,000 words each.  I want the erotic romance to be hot but concise.  There’s a lot of unnecessary things I put in there because I wanted to get the stories to 25,000+ words.

As always, I am very tired, and I have a very early appointment with my car dealer.  Good night!

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂


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