Guess what’s free for FIVE DAYS?!

That’s right?  An Unconventional Wedding Night is free on Kindle from August 30 to September 3rd!

An Unconventional Wedding Night Cover

Jake is worried that his upcoming wedding night won’t go well since he and his wife, Lily, are inexperienced. After some research, he decides that his black best friend, Damien, should take his innocent white wife for the first time.

After some hesitation, Damien agrees, and the two men plan for the most memorable night in their lives. On the wedding night, they inform Lily of their plans, and it takes some coaxing for her to go along with it.

What starts out as a simple ménage turns into something more, and all three are forced to confront their feelings that this one night might not be enough.

Author’s Note:  Once again, this story turned out way more romantic than I planned.  I’m fine with that since it made for a cute ending.  Be sure to get your free copy before the promotion ends!

Get it for free HERE!

If you miss the promotion, it’ll be only $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited!


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