Men In Power Series

mip-book-1-coworker-cover-jpeg    mip-book-2-boss-cover-jpeg    mip-book-3-professor-cover-jpeg

 Taken By Her Coworker      Ravished by Her Boss    Claimed by Her Professor

The Cheater’s Brat Series

Smaller CB 1 Cover      Smaller CB 2 Cover      cb-book-3-cover-jpeg

Taking the Cheater’s Brat       Taking Their Cheater’s Brat  Taking Their Cheater’s Brats


Coed’s First Time Series

Coed Book 1 Cover and Subtitle JPEG      Coed Book 2 Cover JPEG      Coed Book 3 Cover JPEG

Coed’s First Time Part 1       Coed’s First Time Part 2     Coed’s First Time Part 3



cb-bundle-cover-jpeg          Coed Bundle Cover JPEG          mip-series-bundle-cover-jpeg

The Cheater’s Brat Series Bundle    Coed’s First Time Series Bundle  Men in Power Bundle


Standalone Erotica Shorts

small-unexpected-revenge-book-cover           Innocence Lost Cover JPEG

Unexpected Revenge                         Innocence Lost