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Longer Erotica in the Future?

So I've been looking over my publishing plan and schedule, and my main goal this year is hit the "Dirty Thirty" aka publish thirty books. But what are my goals afterwards? I know I want to eventually write longer and more novel-length erotica stories, but I'm not sure when I want to implement that. I… Continue reading Longer Erotica in the Future?


New Lesbian Erotica: This Is New For Me

Welcome to the first book of my lesbian erotica trilogy: This Is New For Me Book 1 of 3 Ariella was a good friend of mine who also happened to be the world’s worst designated driver.  One night we were out celebrating a friend’s birthday, and I ended up having to drive her home because… Continue reading New Lesbian Erotica: This Is New For Me

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New Standalone Erotica Short: Unexpected Revenge

After finishing The Cheater's Brat series, I felt it was time to write another short standalone erotica story.  Meet Candace in Unexpected Revenge: Candace is reeling from her breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend.  He leaves her stuff over at his parent’s house, and when she goes to pick it up, his parents have a surprise… Continue reading New Standalone Erotica Short: Unexpected Revenge

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New Series: The Cheater’s Brat

Hello everyone!  I am back with a new series, and the first two books are already available for $2.99 each! Taking the Cheater's Brat Book 1 of 3 in The Cheater’s Brat Series Lacey is furious with the man who raised her. If he had any skills in the bedroom, then her mother wouldn’t have secretly… Continue reading New Series: The Cheater’s Brat


Two Erotica Shorts

I now have two erotica short stories for sale on Amazon.  Check them out: Taken on Her Professor's Desk: (Coed's First Time Part 1) Summary:  Olivia, an innocent senior in university, had just finished an all-nighter on campus and was ready to go home. But then she spots her extremely attractive professor, Liam, who invites… Continue reading Two Erotica Shorts