Dana Kenzi’s Series (Newest to Oldest)

Modern Erotic Fairytales

Cinderella Book Cover Final JPG 2   Belle Book Final JPEG   Aurora Book Cover Final JPEG

Ariel Book Cover Final JPEG   Snow White Book Cover JPEG

Taking Ella

Ravishing Belle

Seducing Aurora

Claiming Ariel

Ganging Snow White

New To Things

new-to-things-book-1-cover-jpeg-thumbnail   new-to-things-book-2-cover-jpeg-thumbnail   new-to-things-book-3-jpeg

Part 1: This Is New For Me

Part 2: This Is New For You

Part 3: This Is New For Us

Men In Power

mip-book-1-coworker-cover-jpeg   mip-book-2-boss-cover-jpeg   mip-book-3-professor-cover-jpeg

Part 1: Taken By Her Coworker

Part 2: Ravished By Her Boss

Part 3: Claimed By Her Professor

The Cheater’s Brat

Smaller CB 1 Cover   Smaller CB 2 Cover   cb-book-3-cover-jpeg

Part 1: Taking the Cheater’s Brat

Part 2: Taking Their Cheater’s Brat

Part 3: Taking Their Cheater’s Brats

Coed’s First Time

Coed Book 1 Cover and Subtitle JPEG   Coed Book 2 Cover JPEG   Coed Book 3 Cover JPEG

Part 1: Taken On Her Professor’s Desk

Part 2: Taken Again by Him and Then by Her

Part 3: Taken and Bound on Their Bound