100k Word Challenge: Days 7 and 8

Words written on Day 7:  3,263

Words written on Day 8:  3,246

Thoughts:  I think I’m coming down with the flu, so I had to drag everyone of those words out of me yesterday and today.  I didn’t even post my word count last night because just writing it all took all my energy.  Even as I type now, I have a side-splitting headache that’s probably a sinus headache.  I’ve also been ravenous and scarfing down every bit of calories I can find.  I had some groceries delivered so I could make homemade ramen.  It came out okay.

My story has been spiraling into nothing since I got sick, but I found a way to bring it back to the plot.  I did a fade to black for a sex scene, but it’s going to be there after the interrupting chapter ends.  I might change the order of it since I was just too lazy to write it today while I was feeling ill.  Okay, I’m rambling and feeling physically awful.   I’m going to bed soon.  Good night!

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂


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